Your Benefits!


Necessary Leadership traits!

It has been suggested by some successful organizations, including Mercer(world’s largest HR consulting firm) and  Entrepreneur  Magazine, that the leadership traits, listed below, are making companies more profitable regardless of their product. SERIOUS MONEY will provide you with the methodology and guidance to allow you to acquire these necessary leadership traits at all levels of your organization. In turn you will achieve quality,  operational efficiency and profitability improvement. 

Leadership traits making companies more profitable:

• Effectively utilize your Team Network and Communication at all levels of your organization

• Become data driven...and not rely on flying pigs(opinions) for decision making purposes

• Conduct frequent meetings and data review to monitor and discuss performance

• Understand the root causes of issues and resolve them quickly

• Answer the question: are we getting better, staying the same or getting worse??

• Attain improved Corporate Responsibility/Governance and Sustainability

• Find money where others do not look... such as in rework, error and scrap

• Improve Employee Morale and Stakeholder confidence

• Understand how the above traits will result in improved quality, operational efficiency, cash flow  and  profitability                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



Your Benefits!

Your Organization large or small will enjoy these Benefits if utilizing SERIOUS MONEY methodology :

Operational Efficiency and Profitability Improvement

Team networking and Communication Improvement between Sites and Headquarters as well as Operations and Finance teams

Execution of monthly and quarterly tests to ensure Compliance exists with legal regulations, Company Policies and Objectives

Reduce risk of Financial Statement misstatement

Eliminate month end surprises...achieve your desired targets

Identify and quantify weak controls and operational inefficiencies on a timely basis

Improved customer satisfaction- internal and external

Standardize the activities and Compliance across the Globe

Deter Fraudulent activity

Reduced External Audit and Internal Audit costs

Develope routine reporting to allow for training and problem resolution

Your internal staff will be trained to Monitor the Key Controls and Risks to carry on even after we leave

Improve Compliance with Company Policies and Rules in turn Corporate Responsibility

Reduce Rework, Error and Scrap…avoid  unnecessary costs

Control your Business...understand if you are getting better,staying the same or getting worse??

Improved Shareholder confidence resulting from improved Cash Flow and Profitability

Improved Bonus and Salary payout resulting from improved Cash Flow and Profitability

Improved Company Morale!