Let us be your catalyst for change!

Serious Money…it’s just sitting there!   Our services, based on our book (Serious Money...it's just sitting there!), provide methodology ,tools, and techniques  to assist you with operational efficiency and financial improvement.  Establish your goals, monitor your performance, know where you are and in turn achieve your desired goals...let us assist you with the necessary changes that can make you the best  that you can be.  The following areas are addressed :

1. Team Networking and Communication - how to set up your organization, activate and empower your employees to improve communication throughout the entire organization and in turn improve your operational efficiencies and financial results.

2. CICM - Continuous Internal Control Monitoring…verify that there is compliance across the organization with defined targets and communicated expectations, procedures, policies and local legislation to attain your desired results….attain reasonable Corporate Governance.

 3. CPCM - Continuous Performance Control Monitoring…monitor operational performance and in turn improve operational efficiency , profitability and cash flow...be in control of your business eliminate month end surprises....achieve your desired goals!

4. Offshoring - what you must  know about offshoring…it may not be what you expect.                    Low cost country - myth or reality??  Identify and understand the various landmines that exist and in turn avoid unnecessary cost escalation or profit erosion. Rules or guidelines have been developed to make you aware and better prepared for those landmines.

Upon successful implementation of  the methodology and tools provided by us you will achieve operational efficiency  and profitability improvement in turn achieving your desired goals.