Serious Money...

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About Serious Money...

Serious Money... it's just sitting there! is a "How To" book that provides methodology and tools to give you the ability to improve your organizations quality, operational efficiency, corporate responsibility, cash flow and profitability.  It is a proven, results-oriented process.  The methodology may be applied to your personal life as well as business life… It is simple and it works.

Offshoring… be aware of the risks in “low cost countries”… the results may not be what you expect.

It is known that the organizational and leadership traits are making companies much more profitable regardless of their product.

Serious Money... it's just sitting there! includes the methodology and techniques to allow you to acquire these necessary organizational and leadership traits to:

  • Effectively utilize your Team Network and Communication at all levels of your organization
  • Become data driven...and not rely on flying pigs (opinions) for decision making purposes
  • Conduct frequent meetings and data review to monitor and discuss performance
  • Understand the root causes of issues and resolve them quickly
  • Answer the question: are we getting better, staying the same or getting worse?
  • Attain improved Corporate Responsibility/Governance and Sustainability
  • Find money where others do not look... such as in rework, error and scrap
  • Improve Employee Morale and Stakeholder confidence
  • Understand how the above traits will result in improved quality, operational efficiency, cash flow  and  profitability

There is  always room for improvement.

How to order...

You can order Serious Money... it's just sitting there!  as a paperback or ebook (Kindle or epub) from a variety of online sources.